Creating a New Idea

When looking to create a new product, there are two general ways a new product idea is created. While one is more business focused and the other is more personal, both are valid and very good ways to think of new products. They are also both used by developers and designers.   Inspiration! The first […]

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Products Need Branding

When most people think of branding, they think of businesses getting logos, colors, fonts, etc. But products need this as well. When speaking with inventors and start-ups, and even companies with a few products, product branding does not usually get brought to the table as something that the client needs. It should be. A products […]

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What is Design for Manufacturability?

I’m sure logically you could figure out what Design for Manufacturability means in a broad sense, but what does it really mean for you and your product? Design for Manufacturability, or DFM for short, is where Design meets Production. The DFM process takes a design and produces a final design that can be manufactured properly, […]

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