The Importance of Prototyping

You’ve heard of 3D printing, and it’s amazing. You might have the idea that everything should be 3D printed for prototyping and you don’t have to use any other prototyping services ever again! Wrong. While 3D printing technology is amazing and continues to make leaps and bounds every year in improving, there are some things […]

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Ergonomics 1: Chairs

This will be kicking off a series for this blog, written with the help of Mike Magda, an industrial design student and current intern at the Peterman Design Firm. We’ll be diving into different products and discussing their ergonomics from both a user and a design perspective. A lot goes into design when it comes […]

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Choosing a Manufacturer

We’ve talked about why you should hire out sourcing here, but in case you want to dive into this yourself, here are some things to look at. A common question when looking for manufacturers for your product is whether you want to source domestically or from overseas. You likely already know that it’s almost always cheaper […]

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Creating a New Idea

When looking to create a new product, there are two general ways a new product idea is created. While one is more business focused and the other is more personal, both are valid and very good ways to think of new products. They are also both used by developers and designers.   Inspiration! The first […]

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Products Need Branding

When most people think of branding, they think of businesses getting logos, colors, fonts, etc. But products need this as well. When speaking with inventors and start-ups, and even companies with a few products, product branding does not usually get brought to the table as something that the client needs. It should be. A products […]

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